Duties of a Private Investigator
Movies and novels romanticize the work of private investigators, but the reality is far less sensational. A private investigator is a highly specialized and skilled researcher. He/she is capable of solving mysteries, and assists clients by examining the facts of a situation. The detective gathers required additional information as needed or requested, within the boundaries of the law. Research to locate information, people, and things, private investigators spend a great deal of time using computers, public records, informants as well as other available resources to conduct and complete research. 
Field Work
Cases often require private investigators to visit specific places in order to search for or verify clues and to determine additional avenues to explore. 
Through covert or overt techniques, a private investigator gathers important information and facts by monitoring people, places, or things. Surveillance is a key component to establishing and verifying activities of suspicious behavior. 
Not everyone can conduct an effective interview. A private detective utilizes past experience and knowledge to gather facts through interviewing and formally meeting with people of interest. By speaking with people, information is obtained that establishes more facts. The key is to ask the right question based on preparation and rediness concerning the known circumstances. 
Undercover Work
Sometimes a false identity is necessary to hide the private investigator's true intent while conducting surveillance or trying to gain access to relevant people, information, or places.
Finally, a private investigator is responsible for providing an accurate accounting and reproduction to the client of the facts learned.  
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